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New Zealand primary schools, which span grades one through eight, offer a broad curriculum to their students, although it has a heavy focus on literacy and math. Secondary schools, grades nine through thirteen, have a broad, yet balanced, curriculum that does allow for some student customization between grades eleven and thirteen. At the end of secondary school, students are awarded the National Certificate of Educational Achievement. Some schools even offer the Cambridge International Exam and the International Baccalaureate, both of which are recognized by universities around the globe.

Most schools in New Zealand are state funded, and follow a national curriculum. The country also has state-integrated schools, which used to be private, religious schools, but have since become part of the state system. They follow the national curriculum, but have some mandatory fees. Private schools in New Zealand receive some government money, but charge fees.

Success in Alternative Learning Environments

Another option provided by New Zealand is online homeschooling, or distance learning, through the New Zealand Correspondence School. This an option for students who live far from traditional schools, or have other reasons that keep them at home. Our online homeschooling program can help supplement the homeschooling route. Our eLearning classes in math and English follow along with current coursework, giving students further study materials. We can also provide parents who are educating their children with a quality curriculum along with supplemental learning aids to help their children meet necessary standards.

Being far from a traditional school building shouldn’t keep anyone from gaining a good education. With thirty days of free online classes, we can show anyone that learning is possible anywhere.

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