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FutureSchool Testimonials

We’ve had testimonials sent in to us by students, teachers, parents, headmasters and more. Read on to hear how FutureSchool has been helping people all around the world!

Fractions are easier than I thought!

Before I started using FutureSchool I was never sure about the answer and I would sometimes be guessing when I answered the question. My friends were the same as me. After a test we would ask each other and hope that we got it right. After using the program I was the one that everyone asked and it gave me a good feeling to think that everyone thought I was the one that always knows the answer. Fractions are now my favourite subject and I am looking forward to doing the same with all of my maths problems in the future.

John Williams – Port Stephens

A GOLD certificate has made the difference!

I thought I would write and tell you what a difference FutureSchool has made for me. My Maths has improved a lot and I’m now in the top group in my class at school. I never used to get 100% until I started to get 100% in my FutureSchool lessons and then I was told that I had earned a Gold certificate for my lessons. My mum and dad were very proud of me, but my gran made the biggest fuss and it made me feel good and happy that I had tried so hard. The certificates are great and I am always trying to get 100% so that I can get another certificate for my lessons. FutureSchool has made it easy for me to study at home and it really helps me in the class at school. My teacher is always happy with my work and I actually look forward to my maths lessons now. Thank you very much.

Julia Prentiss – Cottesloe

Why I love FutureSchool!

When mum and dad decided to joined FutureSchool my brothers and I thought that it would be a pain – just more work for us to do at home and less spare time for us, too. That was last year and it seems a long time ago because we all seem to have been using the program forever and it has really made a difference for me at school. Before we started on the program, there were many times in the class that I didn’t know the answer. I never wanted to be picked by the teacher to answer a question either because I was simply afraid of being embarrassed in front of the other kids, so I would always be looking down when the teacher asked a question. Now it is different! I want to be picked because I do know the answer. I don’t show off or anything, but when the teacher does ask a question I now put my hand up and I can now look her straight in the eye and it makes me feel great! I am 15 years of age and it gives me fantastic confidence to want to do better all the time. Thank you FutureSchool and I would appreciate you doing something in Science, too.

Catherine Thomas – Westmead

It really was worth the effort!

I am writing to say that I was originally very disappointed with the FutureSchool programme’s results. My daughter didn’t seem to want to do it and we had quite a few arguments that ended up in tears. My wife and I thought it may be better to try another programme. In a final attempt, we contacted the FutureSchool Support Team and asked for their help with our daughter. We asked how we could persuade her to use the programme without the trials and tribulations that we were all experiencing. They took over and I can only say the results have been unbelievable – really unbelievable! Our daughter, Mandy has completely changed her study habits and is now enjoying not only the FutureSchool programme but a genuine fresh approach to all of her other subjects too! Thanks very much to the online teachers for their motivation and support.

Mark Press – Guildford

I am a worry wart!

I am new to FutureSchool. My sister and me have only been on the program for about 5 months and both of us found it hard at first. My dad had to be on our case every day at the start and he used to tell us that if we didn’t use it he wasn’t going to keep paying for it. We thought, that’s great, then we won’t have to do it! But after a couple of months with the pushing and yelling by my dad we have seen the great results. I really do understand what the teacher is saying now and when I don’t, I come home and watch my lesson at home. No more worrying and that is the great part of this because I was always scared of tests and now it is different. Thanks FutureSchool and I hope to get my next Gold certificate this month, too.

Koby Wilson – Fremantle

It just keeps getting better!

We have been a FutureSchool family for over 12 months and my wife and I have been watching your program improve each time we review our children’s results. There is always something new happening and what amazes us is that we never get a please pay more for the extras. Recently we noticed that you added a maths dictionary, and soon after you added the tutor tips, which has been of great assistance to our children, and to us too. We homeschool our children and your program continues to impress us with its great functionality and great new features and I can only say that it does show that you don’t have to pay a fortune to find the best for your family. Keep up the great work!

John Williams – San Diego

We didn’t dare to hope!

This is a letter of appreciation to the support team and teachers at FutureSchool. Our three children all use FutureSchool, but we became involved because of our son, David, who was struggling at school and we had tried everything. We had after school tutors, special school programmes, but they just didn’t seem to help. He was slipping further behind the class and his self-esteem was so bad, that he was finding reasons not to go to school. After 6 months on FutureSchool his improvement is so dramatic, that we cannot believe it is the same boy. He has achieved beyond everyone’s expectations and he is now striving to be in the top group in the class. Thanks from two very grateful parents – it really does work!

Kerry & Martin Fellows – Liverpool

Sherfield School

I have been familiar with the FutureSchool methodology for some years, having used the system in more than one school. We have used the online programme successfully at GEMS Sherfield School for the past two years.
FutureSchool is an ideal tool for supporting personalised learning to reinforce the work of the teacher. The video tutorials are like a virtual classroom assistant, allowing the students to reinforce learning at their own pace. The reporting module gives comprehensive results of the tests that accompany every lesson.
Online learning is becoming increasingly important, and the FutureSchool online programmes provide an effective solution to the challenge of meeting individual educational needs, particularly in numeracy and literacy. FutureSchool continues to add to their portfolio of subjects, as well as constantly improving the learning platform technology and pedagogical quality.
I am pleased to recommend FutureSchool to any school seeking to improve standards in the core subjects of numeracy and literacy.

Prof. Pat Preedy, Executive Principal, GEMS Sherfield School.

To FutureSchool

I am presently out here in Lae, PNG and have just visited a school of 800+ kids. They were at 400 just 2 years ago and the extra increase in roll has not been accompanied by either extra rooms or teachers. Figure that one out!! Anyway, the principal, who has a class that meets under his house, was sharing with me how much he was enjoying the resources that came from you a couple of years ago. He particularly appreciated the DVDs. He shares them with his class from his lap-top computer – one of the rare ones out here. So again, my sincere appreciation for your generosity. It is good to know that it is being used by the urban schools in particular. I was told by the Directors here that many of our SDA schools are using the materials that you donated a couple of years ago.

With kind regards

Ken R Weslake,
Associate Director of Education, South Pacific
Division of the Seventh-day Adventist Church

Djanogly City Academy

Djanogly City Academy Nottingham have been using FutureSchool over the last year to help improve Maths and English results at Key Stage 3. FutureSchool facilitates 24/7 learning with access via any computer connected to the Internet and enables pupil progress to be monitored, tracked and analysed. Although it is still a little early to have made a direct impact on results, the software has been received well by both students and staff alike as the user interface is intuitive which is a critical factor when considering adopting new learning technologies. We would not hesitate to recommend this to other schools as it is of great educational benefit and the after sales support that is provided is second to none.

Jon Marshall – E-Learning Leader

Forest Lake College

Forest Lake College has been using the FutureSchool’s English Grammar program throughout 2010 for English in Years 7, 8, 9 and 10. This program has been proven to be very effective in improving the students’ levels of competence in grammar, punctuation and vocabulary.
The program is in line with the proposed National Curriculum, with its emphasis on grammar and other basic writing skills. The students enjoy working on FutureSchool mainly because it is interactive and fun and they can use the program in both the classroom or at home. Forest Lake College use FutureSchool in class and also set FutureSchool lessons for homework.
The greatest advantage of FutureSchool is that it is self-paced and the students move ahead at their own speed and do not feel pressured to keep up with others. Reports on each student’s progress is available to teachers on demand. The FutureSchool support team are extremely responsive to any requests regarding the Program and offer immediate assistance to eliminate any concerns. They also provide assistance to educate the teachers and students at Forest Lake College on how to use the FutureSchool programs.
I would recommend this program to other schools for English classes Years 7-10.

Lilias Rush – Head of English

How FutureSchool has helped us!

“I initially purchased FutureSchool for my son Troy, as he was struggling with his schoolwork, partially due to the fact that he had not fully grasped the basics and due to this was only falling further behind. When he started using FutureSchool, he began by going back and reviewing work from earlier years. This enables him to repeat lessons he had not grasped. He enjoyed the one to one interaction between tutor and student and being able to replay a tutorial followed by an online worksheet assisted to emphasise the process of each lesson. We have also found the support provided by FutureSchool to be both excellent and prompt. Congratulations FutureSchool – keep up the great work.”

Mrs L. Moretti – Queensland

FutureSchool Literacy Program!

“St Leo’s Catholic College implemented the FutureSchool system in all Year 7-10 English classes in 2009 to support the college literacy focus. Used primarily as a homework tool, students have benefited from consolidating their classroom lessons though engaging interactive online lessons. The ability to track student progress has been extremely helpful to teachers, and more recently the ability to individualise the program for each student has made it more responsive to individual needs.”

Brenda Timp – English Co-ordinator

It really has helped my son!

I have found the FutureSchool program and the tutoring very beneficial for Joshua. Thank you very much for the support, I feel very blessed to have the opportunity of a program like FutureSchool assisting my son’s education. I believe with all my heart that the FutureSchool program is the best thing that has happened for Joshua’s schooling.

John Rene – Carnegie

FutureSchool is constantly evolving!

“FutureSchool is an innovative program that has engaged students who previously had little or no interest in learning. It has been amazing to see the students gain interest in Mathematics and English again and endeavour to achieve high results every time they log in. The program gives students immediate feedback and this has encouraged them further. I have never seen a student attempt a test multiple times and be happy to do this, but FutureSchool somehow seems to motivate the students to not give up until they have achieved 100%. As a teacher, you are able to track the students progress easily and know where they are struggling, thus making it very easy to provide support where it is needed. Perhaps the best part about the program is that it seems to be constantly evolving to meet the needs of the students and provide them with a better resource. Thank you for creating such a great resource!!!”

Michael Perry – Flexible Learning Program, Tenison Woods College, Mt Gambier

You need look no further than FutureSchool!

My sons, Nicholas and Peter, have been using FutureSchool for some years now and have found it extremely useful. It has been very beneficial to Nicholas in particular with his maths methods studies. He uses the tutors quite often. The tutors there have been very helpful to him as a supplement to his usual studies. We would recommend FutureSchool to those that would take advantage of this wonderful service. It is money well spent. Well done guys.

Phil & Nina Corica – St Albans

FutureSchool helping in Papua New Guinea!

“Hello and greeting to you from Tobaiya School. On behalf of the school it is a pleasure and privilege for me to take this opportunity to express our thanks to you and appreciation for your great kindness. Our school has received two cartons, one of books and one of DVD sets on 3rd October 2009. The school is situated in the middle of the tropical rainforest where we have access to goods and services only through the air. You are very wonderful, kind and concerned person. Words can’t express enough. We have nothing to give you as a token of appreciation, however God’s word in Proverbs 19:17 says: “When you give to the poor it is like you lending to the Lord. The Lord will pay you back.” With this I humbly thank you very much and may God bless.

Collen ChKoejoe – Head Teacher, Tobaiya SDA School

Dear FutureSchool Team

I am the Intensive English and ESL support teacher for St Phillips Christian College, Gosford and I have been using the Discovering English Program extensively for the past three years. In fact, this program is the basis on which our Intensive English is constructed and we could not possibly operate without it. It enables us to teach students of various ability levels in one class. They work at their own pace and ability level, with one on one guidance and input from the teacher. Teacher involvement is essential for the oral recording sessions and the final writing and speaking lesson at the conclusion of each unit.

Each unit is constructed around teaching a particular grammar point. This is done is such an engaging manner, with excellent use of graphics, dialogue and varying assessment methods, so that the students remain so engaged that they are often reluctant to stop.
Oral presentation is emphasized using a pronunciation feature available for each word in the reading exercises and a recorded chat session.
There is equal emphasis on grammar, vocabulary, listening, speaking and writing, with the standard of achievement required ranging from Upper Elementary to Intermediate Levels 7 and 8. The completion of this program is an excellent basis for entry into Year 10 after the students achieve 5.5 in the IELTS qualifying examinations.
For younger students, or even older students with poor English skills, the primary levels 1 – 6 are very useful and engaging for the students. The graphics are delightful and the grammar points are taught in a thorough and thoughtful manner.
Students need reinforcement of grammar points that they do not understand, extra reading books, and lessons in textual analysis, to prepare for the Australian English classroom. They will also require vocabulary assistance for other subjects such as Maths, Science, Commerce and Geography.
As a tool for ESL teaching, I have never seen anything else that is so adaptable, engaging and effective in allowing students to improve at their own pace. I have found that students who commence the program at Intermediate level can usually finish Level 1 and Level 2 in six weeks. However, we allow 15 weeks because some students begin at elementary or pre-intermediate level. Time needs to be allocated to assisting students in adapting to the Australian curriculum, so most capable students will graduate in 10 weeks.
Our students study Intensive English, 6 periods a day, 4 days a week. Our primary teachers are encouraged to use of the program in regular classrooms to support ESL students in a less intensive manner.
I feel privileged to be using this program with my students and have no hesitation in recommending it for use in all other educational institutions.

Margaret D Mulligan – Intensive English Teacher, St Phillips College

Update from the Vanuatu, Pacific Region!

“It gives me pleasure as the education director for the Vanuatu SDA mission to express our heartfelt appreciation for your willingness in donating DVDs and the accompany textbooks for our schools. For your information, we have distributed the materials to all our schools. Teachers are excited with this new development and so are the students. You will be surprise to how far reaching your materials is having influence. Find attach is one of our remote school during the introduction of the program. Thank you for your kindness.”

Regards, Joses Seth – Seven Day Adventist Education Director

De-mystifies Maths

“Our daughter is currently studying Algebra and we are particularly thrilled with the quality of instruction provided in the video tutorials for Mathematics. The combination of seeing/listening to the presenter while simultaneously seeing the problem being worked out on the same screen is a very effective learning tool. The presenter speaks clearly and doesn’t rush, but still packs a lot of learning into each short video segment. The presenter also provides explanations, and tips and tricks, in an easy-to-understand way. This makes FutureSchool a wonderful adjunct to our textbook learning, as it clears up many of the questions that arise but are not directly explained in the textbook. The test segment at the end of each lesson is a great tool for putting the new ideas into practice immediately, and in getting immediate feedback. A follow-up with some textbook questions shows how well the concept has been learned, and if there are any difficulties, we can replay the part of the lesson that deals with the problem area. Thank you for providing such excellent assistance that de-mystifies Maths. Both our kids are becoming increasingly adept at problem solving and are not afraid to proceed in Maths. FutureSchool lessons provide them with a growing toolbox of skills, which in turn puts their ability to achieve within reach. Each new success is adding to their confidence and enjoyment of Maths.”

Regards, Janet Smith – South Australia

It helped me pass my School Certificate!

I am writing to thank FutureSchool for helping me pass my maths in my School Certificate. In my earlier tests I was not up to scratch and my parents looked for something to help me. I started using the FutureSchool maths program and things started to change for me almost straight away. The results were fantastic and it was after I passed my maths that I decided that I really wanted to go on and complete my HSC. Thanks to FutureSchool, I am now confident to continue my studies and I really owe it to the great FutureSchool teachers, who explained it so I understood. I am going to continue to use the program while I am at school and I am sure that my results will be good. Thanks everyone at FutureSchool.

Vicki Lindfield – Clayton

FutureSchool helps out through the Pacific!

“The educational material graciously donated by FutureSchool will have an enormous impact on schools in the Pacific in two major ways. First for the schools that are grossly under resourced, it will give them materials to work with that are simple to use and easy to adapt to their particular cultural setting. Many of these schools have no textbooks to work from. Second, it provides structured approach that will take any student from where they are currently scholastically and progress them to their full ability especially in the areas of Maths and English grammar. For the students in Vanuatu and Tahiti the French programs will be invaluable as well. The material is set out well enough that untrained teachers will be able to work from them. The Education Department of the South Pacific Division of the Seventh-day Adventist Church wishes to thank all involved at FutureSchool for this amazing gift. The schools throughout the Pacific are already excited about receiving such a quality resource.”

Ken R Weslake – Associate Director of Education, South Pacific Division of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Why I chose FutureSchool for my family!

When my friend told me about FutureSchool I was very sceptical, mainly because I thought I had heard it all before. Value for money! Really helps your kids! Believe us we wouldn’t tell you if it wasn’t true! I simply want to say I am a true convert for the FutureSchool programs and they do work! My children, Michael and Theresa have been using FutureSchool for almost 2 years and my husband and I couldn’t begin to say how much confidence they both have in their mathematics. It is incredible to see them actually competing for the FutureSchool certificates and enjoying exams at school because they no longer fear the results. Thanks FutureSchool, we are a satisfied customer, who will continue to sing your praises.

Louise Pettiford – Randwick

It has all been worthwhile!

I would like say ‘Thank You’ to the team at FutureSchool. When I subscribed to your service, I really didn’t believe that you would actually deliver everything that you said you would. You hear from companies telling you that they will do this and they will do that, but most of the time they don’t deliver – it’s all a big con! But not FutureSchool! I can really recommend FutureSchool to anyone that wants only the very best education programs and support for their children. The programs are terrific and educationally sound and the tutors are fantastic with their follow-up and assistance with even the slightest question. It’s really been a very affordable investment in our son and younger daughter’s future! Well done FutureSchool for making it worthwhile!

Mrs Mary Freeman – Kew

Back to school and I’m feeling better already!

Going back to school has not been quite as difficult this year because I started earlier than usual because I know what I am in for being in Year 11 – more of the same! Last year I was the FutureSchool ‘Student of the Week’ in August and my parents were extremely proud of my efforts so I decided that I would start off on the right foot with my FutureSchool this year, too. In January and February I completed 50 lessons and 46 of them were Gold and I have already booked up 4 Gold Certificates in 2008. This have given me the push start I needed this year and I have already covered a lot of the class-work for first term. My father helps too and he is constantly telling me that the more I do in advance the easier it will be for me during the year. Thank you FutureSchool for helping me through the hard times!

Naomi Nelson – Newcastle

The holidays let me catch up!

During the school holidays my mum wanted me to do my FutureSchool and I wanted to have the time off with my friends. No more school for me! I wanted my holidays! My mum didn’t agree with me and made me do a lesson a day. (most of the time) I would just like to say that I now feel really great when I am doing my maths because over the holidays I have really been able to revise my work and catch up. I am ready for 2008 and I think it will be a great year for me at school! Thanks again to the tutors too. They are always there to help me.

Elaina King – Randwick

California welcomes a new mathematician!

I attend a Charter School in Southern California and I was introduced to FutureSchool by one of the teachers at the school who explained that it was a great system to use for reviewing past work. Can I say that it has been fantastic for me, because I sometimes have trouble keeping up in class with what the teacher is saying and it has nothing to do with not listening to her. I just seem to have trouble with the amount of work sometimes. That’s where FutureSchool has saved me. Because now all I do is go over the work at home again and I can do it as many times as I like. The tutors are really helpful too! Thanks for the real help.

Your friend and student – Danny Richards, Escondido

FutureSchool made the difference for me!

I am writing to tell you about how I have improved over the past year in both my maths and English. I am so happy that my parents decided to enrol me in the FutureSchool programs because I am finding everything so much easier to do at school. I have never been at the top of my class before and I really never thought that I would be. FutureSchool has made the difference for me and even my dad watches the video teacher with me and says if only they had been around how much easier it would have been for him. The teachers are excellent and any time I want to know something extra I have contacted the online tutors and they have always given me the answer. It is an excellent program and I am so grateful that I am able to use it for my school work. Tests are no longer a problem and my homework is a breeze. Thanks FutureSchool.

Marguerite Filmont – Darwin

Additional FS Tutor support is great!

Without this support my son would not have achieved all the A’s and B’s on his report card. Now that my son is using the online FutureSchool program and can pick the lessons, he is enjoying the program more, especially when Daniel can see his results. Daniel received a Sport Scholarship to Southport High School. I just want to say thanks for your help and FutureSchool’s programs that have helped Daniel achieve his high marks.

Lyn Mansfield – Parkwood