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From the numbers 1-5, through to Calculus…

Our online mathematics course covers beginner mathematics to advanced algebra, trigonometry, calculus and more. All of our courses are aligned to your local curriculum. Whether your child is just starting their mathematics journey at school, or needs to go back a few years to revise previous work, or you’re looking for something to extend and stretch their abilities, you will find the FutureSchool mathematics curriculum materials ideally suited to provide exactly what you’re after.

BEST OF ALL, the FutureSchool mathematics program will assess their current ability and dynamically create a personalised course of study customised for their needs. The FutureSchool system comprises a number of key components, each one designed to address either a specific pedagogical (teaching) outcome, provide feedback, reassurance and confidence, or ongoing support.

The Mathematics programmes is most effective when this sequence is followed: Initial Assessment = > Study Plan => Practice = > Video Lesson = > Worksheets

You are then able to see reports on their performance and progress and if they get stuck they can use the Ask-A-Tutor function. You can rest assured that this is a comprehensive and thorough teaching process for your student.