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Exams – How to Help Your Child Prepare

Exam time can be nerve-wracking for kids, so as a parent you might be wondering how you can help your child prepare so that he or she is less stressed. Depending on the age of your child, suitable approaches vary, such as online tutoring. Young children often benefit tremendously by assistance in the form of … Read More

Top 5 Reasons to Choose eLearning Over Traditional Methods

Elearning systems like those offered at FutureSchool offer advantages over traditional schooling methods in many circumstances. These benefits give students, parents, and teachers an edge in a world that often is too fast-paced or not sensitive to individual students’ needs. If you’re considering elearning with FutureSchool, the following are the top 5 reasons we think … Read More

How tonight’s dinner can boost your child’s exam chances

Exam time is just days away for many children in South Africa. Testing for the National Senior Certificate begins on Monday, October 26 and the exam marks the last qualification that many children will pick up before leaving secondary school with the results closely monitored by the country’s colleges and universities. Many parents will be … Read More

Somebody Got Their Sums Wrong: Boys Are Not Better At Mathematics

Here’s an old chestnut: boys are better at mathematics than girls. We have probably all heard it repeated a hundred times. Fortunately, it’s just plain wrong and statistics prove it. The Myth: Scientists have spent decades researching whether a mathematical ability is because of biological or social factors. While girls have long done better at mathematics … Read More

Attendance Awareness Month: Every school day matters

September is Attendance Awareness Month in the United States – a nationwide campaign recognising the connection between school attendance and academic achievement. It aims to get schools and communities to promote the value of good school attendance and to take action to reduce chronic absenteeism among schoolchildren before it leads to long-term problems. In the … Read More

How to support your child after results day

The waiting is over and those much-anticipated exam results are finally on their way. But for your child this is just the beginning of the next stage of their lives – probably further education or perhaps the first tentative steps into the world of employment. For most youngsters, this is an emotionally charged time. So … Read More

Climbing trees and kicking a football lead to better grades!

Think physical activity is unrelated to academic performance? Although we may not associate sports and physical activity with intellectual achievement, research shows that kids – as well as adults – who are physically active do, on average, outperform those who are less active. While most people might associate high grades with long periods studying, research … Read More