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School is required for children under the age of sixteen, no matter if a student attends a public or a private institution. Both primary and lower secondary education are often completed in the same school building. Student progress is monitored throughout each school year and there are various required tests. At the end of final year, a leaving exam must be completed. Should a student so choose, he or she can then move on to upper secondary schooling, where they can choose a gymnasium program, which is aimed towards students who plan on attending college, or a vocational program, which trains students in a specific trade, balancing both education as well as field training. These last three years of education may not be mandatory, but they are often offered free of charge.

Learning Beyond the Classroom

We understand the importance of learning, no matter if you choose higher education or a specific vocation. This is why we offer you the chance to study your coursework outside of the classroom. FutureSchool’s study resources gives you the ability to review or further your math and English literacy education at home. We also offer an eLearning program should you wish to learn English as a second language.

Online education provides you the unique opportunity to expand your learning beyond the classroom. Try thirty days of free online classes to see how we can help today. Ready to take charge of your education? Start now!

To see more detail about lessons covered within our subjects, just click on the year group titles below:


  • PYP Kindergarten Mathematics
  • PYP Grade 1 Mathematics
  • PYP Grade 2 Mathematics
  • PYP Grade 3 Mathematics
  • PYP Grade 4 Mathematics
  • PYP Grade 5 Mathematics
  • PYP Grade 6 Mathematics
  • MYP Grade 7 Mathematics
  • MYP Grade 8 Mathematics
  • MYP Grade 9 Mathematics
  • MYP Grade 10 – 1 Algebra II and Trig Mathematics
  • MYP Grade 10 – 2 Algebra II and Trig Hons Mathematics
  • MYP Grade 10 – 3 Pre Calculus Mathematics
  • Topic 1 – The Scientific Calculator Mathematics
  • Topic 2 – Number and Algebra Mathematics
  • Topic 3 – Sets Mathematics
  • Topic 4 – Functions and Graphs Mathematics
  • Topic 5 – Geometry Mathematics
  • Topic 6 – Statistics Mathematics
  • Topic 7 – Differential Calculus Mathematics
  • Topic 8 – Financial management Mathematics
  • Topic 1 – Algebra Mathematics
  • Topic 2 – Functions and Equations Mathematics
  • Topic 3 – Circular functions and Trigonometry Mathematics
  • Topic 4 – Matrices Mathematics
  • Topic 5 – Vectors Mathematics
  • Topic 6 – Statistics and Probability Mathematics
  • Topic 7 – Differential Calculus Mathematics


  • Kindergarten/Year 1 Literacy
  • Year 2 Literacy
  • Year 3 Literacy
  • Year 4 Literacy
  • Year 5 Literacy
  • Year 6 Literacy
  • Year 7 Literacy
  • Year 8 Literacy
  • Year 9-12 Literacy

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"Why I love FutureSchool!"

"Before we started on the program, there were many times in the class that I didn’t know the answer. I never wanted to be picked by the teacher to answer a question either because I was simply afraid of being embarrassed in front of the other kids, so I would always be looking down when the teacher asked a question. Now it is different! I want to be picked because I do know the answer. I don’t show off or anything, but when the teacher does ask a question I now put my hand up and I can now look her straight in the eye and it makes me feel great! I am 15 years of age and it gives me fantastic confidence to want to do better all the time. Thank you FutureSchool and I would appreciate you doing something in Science, too."

Catherine Thomas – Westmead, Happy Mum