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Interactive Online Tutoring In Maths & English

With schools closed, families throughout the world are using FutureSchool to support their children’s school learning. With over 8,500 lessons completed each day our students have an average pass mark of 95.7%.

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Personalised Family Access

We've developed the FutureSchool programme to allow for your entire family to work on different strength levels.

Real-time Reporting

Online tutoring allows us to deliver real-time reports on your child's performance whenever you need it.

Flexible & Affordable

Because it's online, you don't have to worry about booking ahead of time, just login. Get affordable access for the entire family!

100% Guarantee

At any time* you feel you're not getting the service you deserve we'll give you a full month's refund. No questions asked.

Assessments & Study Plans

Our initial assessment will test your child on their current year’s work. This will produce a report that will detail those areas of weakness and those areas where your child is strong and competent.

The resulting Online Study Plan can be viewed by both parents and students, and details those areas of competence that do not require any further revision or study, plus it will detail the list of lessons that have been identified as requiring further work for understanding.

Practice & Video Tutorials

When starting a new topic, or perhaps revising an old topic, the Practice provides the student and parent with the opportunity to ‘try out the lesson’ – to make sure that this is indeed the right lesson to be working on.

Our Video Tutorials are online one-on-one teaching moment of the lesson. These supporting videos developed by qualified and experienced teachers allow your student to watch and learn about the current topic they are attempting.

Worksheets & Reporting

The Worksheets are focussed on your child practicing what’s been learned from the video tutorial. During this online learning stage your child gets 1 attempt at a questions being asked, very much like an examination situation held at school. This step is the assessment step in the learning process, where your child is tested on what they have learnt during the lesson topic.

It is vital that not only can the student see how they are progressing, but you can too. Even if you don’t think you understand Mathematics or English literacy, for your children's sake you should look at these Reports. It will give you the opportunity to see how they’re finding the FutureSchool programme and will highlight those areas that they’ve done very well at, and those where they have struggled.

On-demand Tutors

No matter the student, at some point either they, or you, will have a question. No problem, use the Ask A Tutor feature. This offers you and your child access to a qualified tutor for any mathematics or English grammar questions.

One of our experienced tutors will reply with a detailed explanation and answer to your question. If your child requires a nudge in the right direction for an answer, even if the question is not related to our system, send it through to Ask a Tutor.

Peace of Mind For You & Your Child

Whether catching up or getting ahead, homework, revision, or simply preparing for examinations – we’ve got you covered!

The FutureSchool programme has been built to give your child the flexibility they need to learn any time, any level and across all curriculums. Start building your child's confidence in Maths & English, today!

Thousands of parents, schools & students love using FutureSchool