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One-to-one online Maths & English Tutoring

FutureSchool has been a pioneer of high quality, affordable, supplementary home-based Maths and English education for over 28 years. An interactive online approach to boost your child's performance.

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Boost your child's confidence with interactive online tutoring in Maths & English


Our online mathematics course covers beginner mathematics to advanced algebra, trigonometry, calculus and more. All of our courses are aligned to your local curriculum. Whether your child is just starting their mathematics journey at school, or needs to go back a few years to revise previous work, or you’re looking for something to extend and stretch their abilities, you will find the FutureSchool mathematics curriculum materials ideally suited to provide exactly what you’re after.


The FutureSchool English programme is an integrated basic online literacy programme that includes both English grammar and reading. It has individual lessons that focus on: reading comprehension (literal), phonics, spelling, vocabulary development, punctuation, parts of speech, sentence construction, word usage, common errors, figurative language and writing skills.

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