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Parents in Wales must apply for their child’s place in primary school by the January before the child is supposed to start school. They must again apply for a place in secondary school by the September before the child is to start the first year of secondary education. Students are required to attend school, and should a child be unable, the school must be informed the morning of. Children must start primary school at the age of five, though there is a reception stage the year before (that is not mandatory). Between the ages of seven and eleven, students attend key stage 2 (years three through six). Students must take national literacy and mathematics tests every summer between the years of two and six. Secondary school, key stages three and four, sees students between the ages of eleven and sixteen. At the end, students can obtain the General Certificate of Secondary Education or even the International Baccalaureate, which can give the student access to universities around the world.

Assisting Students of All Ages

Aside from the traditional school system, Wales offers adult education. This can be either formal or informal. Students can take vocational courses, academic courses or even courses for leisure. Our adult online classes are designed to help students of any age, children or adults. Students have access to eLearning courses in math and English and can work at their own pace, no matter what level they are currently on.

Everyone should have access to a quality education, no matter what their age. Thirty days of free online classes will show that obtaining that education is possible.

The FutureSchool mathematics and English programmes have been fully aligned to the Welsh National Curriculum. Additionally there is a range of GCSE revision courses for each of the major Examination Boards (AQA, Edexcel OCR and WJEC), depending on what your student is studying.

You can rest assured that the FutureSchool programme will complement and work hand-in-hand with their current schoolwork.

For those schools that offer the International Baccalaureate or Cambridge International Examinations curricula, these are also available within FutureSchool as part of its standard curriculum library.

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