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Students in Scotland are required to attend school five days a week between the ages of six and sixteen. If a student falls ill, the illness must be reported to the school that morning. The government funds public schools for children between the ages of five and nineteen, but a small percentage of Scottish children still attend private schools. Primary schools are seven years while secondary schools are four. The subject range in secondary school is wide, as opposed to many other countries that favour going into depth over a more limited amount of subjects. At the end of their school career, students receive the Scottish Qualifications Certificate.

Maintaining Quality Standards

Scottish schools are subject to several inspections and audits. The Care Inspectorate, who is in charge of care standards, takes care of pre-primary schools. Education Scotland takes care of pre-schools, primary schools, further education and community education. The Scottish Office for Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education inspects higher education facilities. We can help primary and secondary schools maintain the quality of their students’ education. With FutureSchool’s online education program, teachers are given access to a mathematics and English curriculum that follows the one in their school. They can find plenty of supplemental teaching aids, such as worksheets and handouts, to ensure that their students are always given every opportunity to do their best.

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