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Scotland Advanced Higher Statistics Mathematics

1 Initial Assessment Initial Assessment
2 Scatter diagrams Scatter Diagrams
3 Scatter diagrams Stem and Leaf Plots along with Box and Whisker Plots
4 Probability Cumulative frequency
5 Scatter diagrams Frequency histograms and polygons
6 Scatter diagrams The range.
7 Probability The mode
8 Probability The mean
9 Probability The median
10 Probability Calculating the median from a frequency distribution
11 Averages Calculating mean, mode and median from grouped data
12 Averages Range as a measure of dispersion
13 Averages Measures of spread
14 Averages Standard deviation applications
15 Averages Measures of spread: the interquartile range
16 Averages Normal distribution
17 Probability Experimental probability
18 Probability Tree diagrams – not depending on previous outcomes
19 Probability Tree diagrams – depending on previous outcomes
20 Probability The complementary result ..
21 Probability P[A or B] When A and B are both mutually and NOT mutual…
22 Probability Binomial probabilities using the Binomial Theorem
23 Probability Counting techniques and ordered selections – permutatio…
24 Probability Unordered selections – combinations
25 End of Course Assessment End of Course Assessment