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Scotland Level 2: P5 Mathematics

1 Initial Assessment Initial Assessment
2 Number and place value The numbers 100 to 999
3 Number and place value The numbers 1000 to 9999
4 Number and place value The numbers 10 000 to 99 999
5 Number and place value Seven digit numbers
6 Addition and subtraction Addition up to the number 999
7 Number and place value Addition to 9999 and beyond
8 Addition and subtraction Subtraction with borrowing
9 Addition and subtraction Subtraction up to the number 999 using the renaming met…
10 Addition and subtraction Subtraction involving four digit numbers and beyond usi…
11 Multiplication and division Multiplication using extended algorithms.
12 Multiplication and division Multiplication by 2 and 3 digits
13 Multiplication and division Multiplying 2-digit numbers by multiple of 10
14 Multiplication and division Multiplying 3 and 4-digit numbers by multiples of 100
15 Multiplication and division Division with and without a remainder.
16 Multiplication and division Dividing two and three digit numbers by a single digit …
17 Problem solving Solving Word Problems by recognising Sign Words
18 Problem solving Problem solving strategies
19 Fractions Comparing and ordering fractions
20 Fractions Adding and subtracting fractions with the same denomina…
21 Fractions Fractions 1/5, 1/10, 1/100
22 Fractions Finding equivalent fractions
23 Decimals Introduction to decimals
24 Decimals Comparing and ordering decimals to two decimal places
25 Decimals Decimals with whole numbers 10th and 100th
26 Decimals Using decimals – shopping problems
27 Problem solving Using the metre as a formal unit to measure perimeter
28 Problem solving Using the formal unit of the centimetre to measure leng…
29 Problem solving Compare and convert formal units of measurement
30 Problem solving Introduction to the square centimetre.
31 Mass Introducing the concept of mass
32 Mass The kilogram
33 Mass The gram and net mass
34 Mass The tonne – converting units and problems
35 Capacity The relationship between the common units of capacity, …
36 Capacity Estimate, measure and compare the capacity of container…
37 Capacity Converting between volume and capacity using millilitre…
38 Time Analogue – Telling time – minutes in the hour
39 Time AM and PM time
40 Time Minutes past
41 Time Minutes to
42 Time Comparing analogue and digital time
43 Time 24 hour time
44 Time Time zones
45 Angles Measure and classify angles
46 Triangles Recognise and name triangles
47 Triangles Spatial properties of quadrilaterals
48 Quadrilaterals Quadrilaterals
49 Quadrilaterals Classifying Quadrilaterals
50 Quadrilaterals Using the Properties of a Parallelogram
51 Quadrilaterals Proving a Shape is a Parallelogram
52 Quadrilaterals Properties of the Rectangle, Square and Rhombus
53 Quadrilaterals Properties of the Trapezium and Kite
54 Quadrilaterals The quadrilateral family and coordinate methods in geom…
55 3D shapes Recognise and name prisms according to spatial properti…
56 3D shapes Recognise and name pyramids according to spatial proper…
57 Coordinates Informal coordinate system
58 Pie charts Pictographs
59 Pie charts Bar Charts
60 Pie charts Line graphs.
61 End of Course Assessment End of Course Assessment