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Education in Singapore is extremely uniform. Teachers stick to a curriculum and focus on preparing their students for exams. They rely heavily on textbooks, worksheets, drills and practice. There is very little discussion in Singaporean classrooms, and schools place much emphasis on mastering specific procedures. Primary schools are free, and start at the age of seven. After the fourth year, students are streamed by ability. At the end of primary school, a Primary School Leaving Exam is administered and students can choose their secondary school based on their results. Some students that are particularly gifted may be chosen by a secondary school before they even take the PSLE. Co-curricular activities are mandatory.

Study Beyond Traditional Methods

Students, and their parents, tend to be rather competitive in Singapore. To this end, students receive assessment books for extra practice outside of the classroom. Some parents will buy several, attempting to give their child an edge over the rest.

We provide you with an alternative to these assessment books. Our free online classes can give you access to English and math eLearning lessons that closely follow the ones you are currently learning in school. After you complete any worksheets, you will be provided with information on your incorrect answers, giving you a chance to understand why. Try us today with thirty days of free online classes and see just how we can help you succeed.

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