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How it works

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See how feature-rich the FutureSchool teaching and learning system is. Not just for you as parents, but you’ll also see how this amazing teaching system empowers students. Discover how it helps them reach their full potential by offering them tailored learning solutions and a structured learning methodology.

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Read what our happy students and parents have to say…

“The FutureSchool online programmes provide an effective solution to the challenge of meeting individual educational needs, particularly in numeracy & literacy.”

Professor Pat Preedy Principal, Sherfield School

“FutureSchool has made it easy for me to study at home and it really helps me in the class at school. My teacher is always happy with my work and I actually look forward to my maths lessons now. Thank you very much.”

Julia Prentiss  Student

“We’ve been using FutureSchool’s English Grammar programme for English in Years 7, 8, 9 and 10, and it has been proven to be very effective in improving the students’ levels of competence in grammar, punctuation and vocabulary.”

Marica Jones  English Teacher

In today’s world, the ability to communicate effectively is essential. Careers and relationships require us to speak and write so that others can understand us. To hold a job, and to have meaningful encounters with friends and family, we also need to be able to understand other people. FutureSchool offers online English courses and online math classes that give you an edge in communicating with others and succeeding. Our eLearning courses can help strengthen your English and math skills, or they can teach you English and math fundamentals. FutureSchool offers online tutoring for students who need a bit of extra help understanding core English and math concepts. We also provide basic English and math instruction for people who are new to the English language or new to math in the Unites States.

Why Future School?

FutureSchool is a global leader in the development of eLearning systems. We have created a proprietary educational software and online tutoring programs (including many motivational educational games) that makes learning English and math easy. At Future School, we believe in helping children and adults be the best that they can and strive to provide educational options that make it fun, and easy, for an individual to learn what’s required to function in today’s society. Future school makes learning enjoyable and simple. Our online tutoring and eLearning classes take the frustration out of learning English and math. With our engaging online English and online math courses, you or your child can find the confidence you need in the comfort of your own home.


You can try FutureSchool for 30 days by signing up for our 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! Choose online math, online English, or both for 30 days and experience the FutureSchool difference. FutureSchool is your partner in eLearning and finding the confidence necessary to participate fully in today’s world. Sign up to try FutureSchool for free today!