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To put it rather simply ELearning is a form of online schooling. It refers to electronic learning in which a computer is used to deliver all of, or most all, coursework. ELearning can be used for a variety of different learning purposes, including learning a second language, training for business, or learning a full coursework of certain subject matter.

In the early days of the Internet ELearning had a bad rap, as the idea of bringing computers into the classroom was thought to take away the human element and distract the students’ mind. We have now learned ways to take advantage of the accelerated learning opportunities and benefits that online schooling has to offer.

Benefits of ELearning

Some of the many benefits to using ELearning for online schooling purposes are discussed below.

·      24/7 Anytime learning

With traditional programs and courses, learning is limited to normal business or working hours. With ELearning the student is able to access the learning materials and exercises 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This allows for much more practice and overall the ability to learn more in a shorter period of time.

·      Time and cost savings

Using online schooling or ELearning takes away the travel aspect, the need for printed materials and the time taken for both.

·      Tracking progress is effortless

As opposed to the old fashioned way of checking a student’s (or even employees) progress, using ELearning software allows progress to be checked with the simple click of a button.

·      Work at your own pace

The discreet aspect that is involved with ELearning for Math or English is great for those individuals who do not prefer to learn in groups, as well as for those who tend to work faster or slower than the rest. Online schooling allows the user to learn at their own pace.

The accessibility, accelerated pace of learning and convenience that ELearning has brought to this day in age is truly something to take advantage of. Whether it be for business purposes, school coursework, or learning a second language on your own – there much that online schooling has to offer.