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Give your Child a Head Start!

Catching Up – Getting Ahead – Homework – Revision – Preparing for Examinations

FutureSchool has successfully combined technology with the best in pedagogical approaches (teaching practices) to provide each child with an individual learning system that is current and relevant for them, and one that focuses on building their confidence to increase their classroom competence. Using a dynamic assessment tool to identify your child’s strengths and weaknesses, FutureSchool will instantly produce a customised course of study (utilising video lessons and consolidation worksheets) that will ensure your child gets the help they need, based on what they know today, for what they’ll need for tomorrow!


Designed by qualified teachers it covers content from Kindergarten/Reception through to Year 12. With it your child will look forward to learning and taking charge of their education. You don’t need to spend time trying to help your child understand homework that you yourself don’t fully comprehend. FutureSchool is designed to enable students to solve their work at home. If they get stuck, our online tutors are available 24/7 to help them understand where they’ve gone wrong and how to move on. With FutureSchool, we create a safe place for students to learn and thrive away from classroom peer pressure.


You as a parent can:

  • Monitor your child’s progress
  • See positive results quickly
  • Look forward to a happier, more engaged child.


The FutureSchool online learning system is successful because:

  • Our starting point is always what can your child do TODAY – not based on what Year your child is currently in
  • Our focus is to build CONFIDENCE and COMPETENCE
  • It’s not a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Each child is different, and our study plans are designed based on their current abilities
  • We focus on cementing the core skills, and build from there
  • It’s easy to use and easy to learn to use
  • Our dynamic content ensures that it’s engaging and fun
  • We empower your child to set the speed of teaching and learning that suits them
  • Parents have full access to your child’s progress reports, keeping you informed
  • It fits in with your home life!
  • It’s being used by teachers the world over, which ensures the programme stays current and is effective
  • Your child’s study plan is aligned to their local curriculum


Mathematics and English are two very different subjects, therefore a different approach is required for each subject. Whilst the teaching principles are the same, the delivery and execution will be different. Whilst FutureSchool utilises the power of video lessons and weighted consolidation exercises, a variety of approaches are required in how to use the programme. You can find a more detailed explanation on the Mathematics and English subject pages.

FEATURE DEMONSTRATION VIDEO: Watch our short demonstration video to see how FutureSchool can help your family.


The parent portal is your window into the system. The onboard monitoring system allows you to easily access how your child is performing academically. It does the hard work, so that you can concentrate on what matters. You can expect the following from the parent portal monitoring system:

  • Comprehensive reporting on all study activity
  • Single click ability to keep lessons current with classroom work
  • Exam preparation for your child
  • The ability to provide extension work for brighter students
  • Animated bar graphs and charts
  • Lesson search functionality
  • On-going access and support from our online tutors
  • One touch access to your child’s results and statistics
  • Tailored study plans based on your child’s current knowledge
  • and much more!


“I … purchased FutureSchool for my son Troy, as he was struggling with his schoolwork… He enjoyed the one to one interaction between tutor and student and being able to replay a tutorial followed by a pre-test. The support provided by Tootr is both excellent and prompt. Congratulations – keep up the great work.”
Mrs L. Moretti – Queensland

“FutureSchool’s programmes are terrific and educationally sound and the tutors are fantastic with their follow-up and assistance… It’s really been a very affordable investment in our son and younger daughter’s future! Well done FutureSchool for making it worthwhile!”
Mrs Mary Freeman

“… we’re thrilled with the quality of instruction provided in the video tutorials for Mathematics. The combination of seeing/listening to the presenter while simultaneously seeing the problem being worked out … is a very effective learning tool. FutureSchool is a wonderful adjunct to our textbook learning, as it clears up many of the questions that arise but are not directly explained in the textbook.”
Janet Smith

“Since the FutureSchool Support Team took over helping our daughter… the results have been unbelievable! Mandy has completely changed her study habits and is now enjoying not only the programme, but a genuine fresh approach to all of her other subjects too! Thanks very much to the online teachers for their motivation and support.”
Mark Press

“I am a true convert for the FutureSchool programmes. They do work! My children have been using FutureSchool for almost 2 years and [they have so] much confidence in their mathematics. They enjoy exams at school because they no longer fear the results. Thanks FutureSchool, we will continue to sing your praises.”
Louise Pettiford

“Thank you to the team at FutureSchool. When I subscribed to your service, I really didn’t believe that you would actually deliver everything that you said you would. I can really recommend FutureSchool to anyone that wants only the very best education programmes and support for their children.”
Mrs Mary Freeman

“Thank you for… de-mystifying Maths. Both our kids are becoming increasingly adept at problem solving and are not afraid to proceed in Maths. Each new success add[s] to their confidence and enjoyment of Maths.”
Janet Smith

“FutureSchool’s programme and the tutoring [are] very beneficial. Thank you for the support. I believe with all my heart that the FutureSchool programme is the best thing that has happened for Joshua’s schooling.”
John Rene

My sons have found FutureSchool extremely useful. Nicholas … uses the tutors quite often. They have been very helpful to him as a supplement to his usual maths studies. We would recommend FutureSchool. It is money well spent. Well done guys.”
Phil & Nina Corica

“The tutor support has benefited my son immensely, without [it he would] not have achieved all the A’s and B’s on his report card. He’s now received a Sport Scholarship to Southport High School. I just want to say thanks for your help.”
Lyn Mansfield