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Children are known to have short attention spans, should what they focus on lose their interest. Many parents and leading thinkers are critical of current teaching methods, because children are not designed to sit in school desks for hours at a time. They need excitement, independence and the ability to learn through interaction and games. Does eLearning hold potential as a viable way to teach the young?  

Soon interactive online learning will become even more popular, so let’s take a look at the kinds of eLearning programs for kids and see how this method appeals to the young.

Examples of ELearning for Kids

Much of the eLearning material out there for kids involves videos, games and interactive material with cute and likable characters. In many ways, this method of learning is like watching television—however, with eLearning, the child is intimately involved and has some say in how the storyline continues. They get to interact with these characters, who sometimes even give out prizes at the end of the lesson for a job well done.

FutureSchool is a great resource for parents who would like to explore eLearning material. To learn grammar, there is a game that simulates being a newspaper reporter, while another has Alexander the Great as a resource for children learning which words have mythological origins.

ELearning a Great Supplement with School

If you are a parent of a child going to public school, eLearning can be a great supplement to what the teacher is focusing on at their grade level. If you are doing online homeschooling your children, eLearning can be an integral part of their day and help you teach your children the basics. Luckily, eLearning can be quite a fun experience—entertaining as well as informative—so it shouldn’t be too much of a struggle to get your children interested.

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"Why I love FutureSchool!"

"Before we started on the program, there were many times in the class that I didn’t know the answer. I never wanted to be picked by the teacher to answer a question either because I was simply afraid of being embarrassed in front of the other kids, so I would always be looking down when the teacher asked a question. Now it is different! I want to be picked because I do know the answer. I don’t show off or anything, but when the teacher does ask a question I now put my hand up and I can now look her straight in the eye and it makes me feel great! I am 15 years of age and it gives me fantastic confidence to want to do better all the time. Thank you FutureSchool and I would appreciate you doing something in Science, too."

Catherine Thomas – Westmead, Happy Mum