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eLearning is the method of teaching and education to keep your eye on. New technologies are coming to the forefront that will transform the way we see learning forever. In only the last decade, the computer and virtual realities have become more and more ubiquitous in colleges and other learning academies. Things are changing yearly, and in another decade, what we see as a “school” will look completely altered.

This is why it is so important to keep up with the new teaching strategies being implemented and programs being initiated in classrooms throughout the country. eLearning conferences are a wonderful opportunity to meet up with fellow learners and educators and discover what is on the horizon for this exciting and growing wing of the education industry.

Conferences Not to Miss

A helpful resource for finding the leading eLearning conferences is They have five major events this year that are invaluable if you want to hear industry leaders and be on the cutting edge of knowledge on eLearning.

DevLearn, taking place November 16-18 in Las Vegas, is the number one conference focused on online learning technologies. You’ll be able to share strategies with other educators, learn about the hot topics currently being debated, and be the first to know about the most innovative technologies being developed today.

MLearncon, focused on mobile technologies, is another important event and gathering for eLearning classes. Others include Learning Solutions 2016, Learning and Performance Ecosystem 2016, and the Performance Support Symposium 2016. Go to their website and check out which conference is near you this year.

Knowing the information shared in these conventions will give you a head start over others in the community and help you be aware of leading online educators’ own unique strategies in incorporating technologies in their classrooms. It is highly recommended that you be aware of these crucial meetings that happen each year.