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Tasmania has joined all states and territories in endorsing the Australian Curriculum. 2012 was the first year of implementation for three F (prep)-10 Australian Curriculum learning areas – English, Mathematics and Science. The remaining learning areas of the curriculum are being developed in sequence according to a nationally agreed timeline. The Tasmanian Curriculum remains the required curriculum for a learning area until the equivalent Australian Curriculum subject has been implemented. Tasmanian Government

Due to the progressive nature of the new Australian Curriculum implementation, the FutureSchool system offers both the Australian Curriculum and the Tasmanian Curriculum for your family or school. This will remain in place until the full rollout and integration has been completed.

Whatever level your family, from early primary through to the Tasmanian Certificate of Education,

you can rest assured that FutureSchool will complement and work hand-in-hand with their current schoolwork.

For those schools that offer the International Baccalaureate or Cambridge International Examinations curricula, these are also available within FutureSchool as part of its standard curriculum library.

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