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High school math introduces students to a whole new world of concepts and ideas designed to prepare students for college level courses as well as jobs where understanding and using complex mathematical equations is required. Many of these concepts build on what was previously learned in elementary and middle school. Some of them, however, may be completely foreign and difficult to grasp. If you, or your child, is having trouble understanding the concepts introduced and you are unable to receive the assistance needed, eLearning can give you the extra help you need in order to help you succeed in high school math.


Topics Covered in High School Math

Many of the topics covered in high school math classes build upon previously taught knowledge. Algebra I is expanded from the algebra taught in middle school. Students learn how to balance equations and find patterns. Letters are added to number problems. They learn quadratic equations. This course also teaches how to apply algebra to real life situations. Algebra II is a further expansion of algebra I. Students learn probability and statistics, sequences and series, conic sections, and exponential and logarithmic equations. Geometry covers lines and angles, triangles, circles, polygons, how to find the area of these shapes, as well as how to find surface area and volume. Trigonometry focuses on sine and cosine as well as angles and periodic functions. Finally, pre-calculus is a further extension of algebra to solve even more complex problems that can’t be solved simply by using an algebraic equation.


ELearning High School Math

Like middle school math, courses are taught at a much quicker pace, having many topics to cover in only a matter of months. Online math classes can help if you are struggling to understand the concepts being taught in school. You will receive a personalized lesson plan that focuses on your trouble spots and gives you tutorials and practice problems beyond what your teacher gives you. You can work at your own pace; there is no need to try to keep up with anyone else. You have 24/7 access to qualified online algebra tutors who can help further explain and demonstrate difficult concepts. There is no need to schedule an appointment. And, if you need review on a topic covered in a previous class, you can access that lesson plan outside of your customized one.

Being given so much information in such a short period of time can be overwhelming. It can be hard to fully grasp a concept before the teacher moves on to a new one. If you are struggling, eLearning can give you the extra help needed outside of school, customized to your specific needs and allow you perform well in high school math.