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Algebra I, or basic algebra, is a course that introduces high school math students to concepts like constants, variables, linear equations, functions, sequences, absolute values, exponential functions, polynomials, rational and irrational numbers, and quadratic equations. It introduces letters to represent numbers or quantities. All of this can seem rather daunting. Sometimes, no matter how much you or your child listen in class, read the text and attempt the homework, understanding just never occurs. Online math classes can help you better grasp what you are learning in the classroom.


How can eLearning help?

Struggling in the classroom is frustrating. Perhaps your teacher can’t offer you the help you need or explain the concepts in a way that you understand. This can often lead to falling behind and possibly even failing. ELearning can help. After you take the initial assessment for Algebra I, the eLearning system will develop a personalized lesson plan that focuses on the areas where you are having trouble. It will give you tutorials and worksheets to practice the concepts as you would in school, but since the eLearning math doesn’t follow the school curriculum, there is no fear of falling behind. You work at your own pace. And, if you are still having trouble, you have the advantage of having an online algebra tutor available 24/7. The two of you can share files or a whiteboard, so you always see the same thing at the same time. As there is no set time limit with these tutors, you can work with them for as long, or a short, as you need.


What do you need to know in order to learn algebra I online?

An understanding of basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of numbers will be of great help in eLearning algebra. You should also know how to use a scientific calculator.

You don’t need to struggle with algebra I. Online math classes offer you another option to learn and understand the necessary concepts without the pressure of keeping up with the other students. With eLearning, you can work on the areas of algebra I that are the most difficult at your own pace, allowing you to succeed in your school classroom.