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ELearning runs the gamut of videos, interactive games, virtual reality exercises, plus elements like digital whiteboards and chat options that allow you to feel as if you are in a classroom. At this point, if you can imagine it, it is possible. Technology has developed to such a degree, and eLearning has become so popular, that there are thousands of examples that stretch the bounds of creativity.

In the next few decades, even more will be invented to assist the learner in understanding concepts. The following will show you examples of eLearning technologies out there and should help highlight the amazing variety of material already available.

Games, Videos and Exercises that Show Variety in ELearning Universe

An example of an eLearning interactive that would be popular with the astronomers out there is called The Scale of the Universe, which helps you understand the relative size of everything in our galaxy. AIDS at 25 is another quite compelling program of graphs and photos that tell the story of the disease. Is It Better to Buy or Rent? is an extremely helpful graphic that helps you input data to determine at what time you should buy a home. Spent is an interactive game that tries to teach you how to stay afloat on a limited budget should you lose your job.

And all of these are just a drop in the bucket. There are thousands more to find and discover online, about almost any topic you could imagine.

How does ELearning Teach?

ELearning games and interactives like the ones mentioned incorporate visuals, sounds, and interactive elements that could appeal to a student with any learning style. Whether you need to understand finance, English grammar online glasses, or how to change your oil, eLearning interactives can help you visualize the concepts through creative means that spark the imagination. When it comes to eLearning, the sky is the limit, and the patient student can develop skills in any area they choose through this method.