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“To ensure all students are ready for success after high school, the Common Core State Standards establish clear, consistent guidelines for what every student should know and be able to do in math and English language arts from kindergarten through 12th grade. The standards were drafted by experts and teachers from across the country and are designed to ensure students are prepared for today’s entry-level careers, freshman-level college courses, and workforce training programs. The Common Core focuses on developing the critical-thinking, problem-solving, and analytical skills students will need to be successful. Forty-three states, the District of Columbia, four territories, and the Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) have voluntarily adopted and are moving forward with the standards.” Common Core State Standards Initiative

The FutureSchool programs have been fully reviewed and aligned to the US Common Core State Standards. Additionally, for those states that are not following this initiative, each respective state curriculum is also included within the FutureSchool system.Select your state from the list below, and You can rest assured that the FutureSchool online learning program will fulfill  and work hand-in-hand with their current schoolwork. For those schools, international or otherwise, that also offer the International Baccalaureate or Cambridge International Examinations curricula, these are also available within FutureSchool as part of its standard curriculum library.

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FutureSchool’s online English courses and online math classes have been fully reviewed, and aligned, to the United States Common Core Standards. When your child is enrolled in FutureSchool’s online learning classes, you can rest assured that he or she will receive instruction that goes hand-in-hand with assigned schoolwork and that helps explain core subjects in a more thorough way. For adults who take FutureSchool’s e-learning math and English courses, instruction can be focused on concepts that help one function within the frameworks set up in the Unites States. FutureSchool’s United States Curriculum assists children and adults in learning English and math concepts that are required to have successful careers, and relationships, in the country.

Online Math Courses

FutureSchool’s online math courses help learners in the United States understand core math concepts, from basic number recognition to calculus. Our online learning classes in math cover beginner mathematics, advanced algebra and trigonometry, and the courses in between. All of our online math courses are aligned to United States Common Core and recognized curriculum standards. Whatever your goals, Future School provides the tools necessary in a simple and fun format.

Online English Courses

FutureSchool’s online English courses cover basic literacy programs as well as advanced English speaking and comprehension. We focus on giving our online students a fundamental understanding of English grammar and reading, including lessons in phonics, spelling, and vocabulary development, so that they can function in the United States. Our goal at FutureSchool is to make sure that each of our students possesses the knowledge and skills necessary to communicate effectively while living or working in the United States with our online English Language classes. We teach proper punctuation, sentence construction, word usage, figurative language concepts, writing skills, and more so that our students have the core skills to read and write English correctly according to United States style.

FutureSchool offers a free 30-Day Online Demo so that you can try our online Math and Online English courses. Sign up for your free Online Demo today and see how easy it is to learn the basics of United States English and math concepts from home.