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Learning math can require a lot of patience. Unfortunately, the subject’s reputation is hardly stellar—many students seem to automatically think that anything related to math is boring, painful to learn and unenjoyable. Fortunately, there are ways of making children more interested in the subject. Elearning is becoming more and more popular, and it opens the door to a world of math that is fun and exciting. Let’s look more closely at the kind of online math Elearning, and discover new ways of looking at an old subject with an unpopular reputation.


Interactive Learning with Math

Elearning simply refers to learning through electronic media, especially the internet. There are many examples of Elearning for math, and many more ideas are coming through the pipeline. In the next 10 years, there will be even more ways of learning math on the internet.

Photomath, for example, is an app for the iPhone that allows the student to take a picture of a math problem. Then the program solves the problem, listing the steps, which helps the student understand the correct way of completing it.

Learn Alberta is another website that uses interactive elements to make math more fun. An example of one of their programs is their game that helps students learn fractions. It allows the student to make smoothies based on the correct fraction needed. There are many games of a similar nature on the internet, as well as fun videos, that attempt to make the subject more interesting for students.

A lot of math Elearning tries to incorporate elements that come from video games. It has been shown through research that the most popular video games are interactive and involve employing creative strategies to be successful. It is these elements of a math Elearning interactive that make it so popular with students.