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Sometimes classroom work is not enough. When you need more instruction, going online is a great option to find additional coursework to help your child learn the intricacies of the English language. With an internet connection, the sky is the limit, and your child can go from average to outstanding and even have fun in the process. Listed are some helpful websites that offer some of the top online English classes available.


Examples of some Top English Websites

One website that is both fun and educational is, an online English course for children. They offer classes for children aged 3-10 and teach them the basics of English reading, grammar and comprehension. They instruct with cartoons, games, and songs, which makes the process fun and enjoyable. They even have an app for the iPad so that your child can learn anywhere and at any time.

Another resource for top online English classes is, a website with reading curriculums for children from 1st to 6th grade and beyond. Several lessons are in each grade, and the website is colorful and bright, which adds to a child’s positive experience with learning and reading. Depending on your child’s skill level, you can move up or down in difficulty, which will give you a good idea how advanced your child is becoming. is a good resource for top online English classes as well, with courses for kindergarten to 5th grade. They provide worksheets, activities and games and it is a resource for teachers, which makes the site especially helpful for parents who would like to have the kinds of exercises provided to them that schools have.

These websites are all beneficial to the child that is learning the basics of English. They each have benefits and drawbacks. With all of them at your disposal, you have an immense amount of material to help the learning child.