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There are many English courses available online, from classes focusing on English composition to those that specialize developmental writing. They all have some similarities, and several offer special additional support for students. It can be a tricky language with rules that are not always intuitive, so it pays to take courses that can sharpen up the skillset, even for native speakers. The following will analyze a few courses available online, giving you some ideas on where to proceed in your search to brush up your skills.


Examples of Online English Courses is a resource for some of the best online English courses. These classes are designed to save you money, increase your success and help you learn valuable skills. The company seeks to help ameliorate the most pressing issues for students today—the cost of tuition. This website is a great way of gaining a skillset without the skyrocketing cost that can be associated with getting an education.

For the younger student, could be a helpful site in learning the basics of English grammar classes and composition. They offer courses for people middle school-aged to college-aged. The positives of their classes is that many of their instructional videos are 10 minutes or less—digestible and easy to understand. This positive could easily be a negative for the student who is looking for more in-depth explanations of concepts.

Udemy is a great resource for some of the best online English classes, as well as classes on several subjects. They offer more than 35,000 courses and allow you to learn at your own pace. They have hundreds of English classes alone, so it would be easy to find a line of study that suited you.

These are just a few of the websites available that offer English classes online. Hopefully this will help you in finding the best online English classes the web has to offer.