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Getting the help a child needs with schoolwork can be difficult. As a parent, you are already very busy, so you may not always be able to devote specific study time to your child. And teachers have their plates full planning lessons for several children all at once. Have you ever considered online tutoring? It offers a whole host of benefits.

Flexible Schedules

It can be difficult to find a tutoring center with hours that fit your busy schedule. With eLearning, help is available 24/7, so no matter if you are a busy parent who can’t get your child to a tutoring center by five on certain days or a high school student involved in extracurricular activities and can only study late in the evening, someone will be there.


Even if you do have the time to drive to a tutoring center, perhaps there isn’t one local. Or the one that is local doesn’t offer assistance in the subject your child needs. You may have to drive much further for that one. With eLearning, your child can get the help they need from the comfort of home and you never have to worry about driving anywhere.

Personalized Learning Programs

Not all children learn in the same manner. Online tutoring, similar to face-to-face tutoring, is able to customize a program based on how your child learns and keeps it to his or her current abilities, not what he or she is expected to do by a certain age. They also offer help in a variety of subjects. Online English classes will offer help with grammar and reading comprehension while math classes can help with everything from beginner mathematics to advanced calculus. There are even tutors to help children who are taking online English language classes, so they can catch up and keep up with their classmates.


Most online tutoring costs less than traditional tutoring, since there is no travel involved for either party and no rent to pay for the usage of a building.


Your child is in charge of his or her learning. No matter if the session needs to be broken up into several smaller sessions, or more time than a standard tutoring session is desired, your child gets to call the shots.