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Would TESOL or Futureschool be right for your child? Each has its benefits as well as drawbacks, and it depends on your needs and the level of immersion you are seeking. TESOL is a program that trains educators in teaching English to non-native speakers. They certify thousands of people a year, and many go overseas to teach the language all over the world. FutureSchool has an individualized protocol tailored to each individual student that seeks to develop a refined set of English skills, including mastery over grammar, conversation, reading, and writing.


Elearning versus TESOL Classroom Teaching

TESOL teachers reside all over the world, and there are many in this country, teaching online English classes to young students who are new to the language. While the teachers have certification in teaching English, they are not always educators in the full sense of the word. Many of them do not have a background in teaching and get certified in order to be able to travel to new places. Being taught in a classroom has its perks, but sometimes learning one-on-one or online works better. Depending on your schedule, Elearning could be a better fit because it works around your life and commitments.

FutureSchool tailors the program to the student’s current skill level. Instead of just one teacher, they developed a lesson plan backed by years of research and the experience of many teachers. The program will assist the learner in mastering grammar, conversational skills, and applying linguistic structures. It is more convenient for many learners to take online classes versus be in an actual classroom, which makes it an ideal choice for busy families.

Which program is better for you? Depending on your level of busyness, an online class could be more convenient versus going to a classroom each week. It is all contingent on what you can fit in your schedule.