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There are many online learning systems out there for students. Skillport, for example, is used by many institutions as a learning portal for students and faculty alike, specializing in training employees and being a resource for information. FutureSchool, in contrast, is a more intimate online tutoring modality that tailors a program for each person depending on their skill level and abilities. Each has its purpose and suits the particular needs of a diverse population. It is important to look into each kind of program to decide which would provide the most thorough instruction and be most advantageous.

Which Elearning Platform Would Work Best for You?

Skillport is a learning management system with courseware and online books. A large and diverse digital library can be accessed by this system, with elearning courses that can answer the day-to-day questions of students and faculty alike. It is a compendium of knowledge at a student’s fingertips and can be a great reference point. It can also be a training module for faculty. The downsides are that it is designed to service thousands of people and its creation was not developed and molded by the individual’s needs, but by the needs of many.

FutureSchool, in contrast, is specialized in developing the individual and focuses primarily on this mission. From its inception, this was the goal: one of their mottos is “one size does NOT fit all”. In this spirit they assess each individual student to get to know them better and discover his or her special abilities. Feeling like “just another number” can be discouraging, and FutureSchool knows this. For them, developing confidence in your special abilities is one of their main goals.

Both Skillport and FutureSchool have their uses. Be sure to choose the program that best suits you and your child’s needs and helps develop their own unique abilities. It is up to you to decide which sounds like the most appropriate choice.