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Middle school mathematics can be overwhelming to some students. They have spent their elementary school days working with whole numbers, solving basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Now they are expected to expand upon the knowledge acquired in elementary school and work with much larger numbers solve much more complex equations. They are introduced to several new concepts. Math classes move at a much quicker pace than elementary school, as students are expected to learn many concepts in one year. It is easy to fall behind. Online math classes, however, give your student the extra help they need to catch up and keep up with the school curriculum.


Topics Covered in Middle School Math

Up until now, students have been working with mainly whole numbers, performing basic math operations. In middle school, the numbers get larger (and smaller, as they begin working with negative numbers as well). They learn factors, lowest and greatest common denominators, proportions and estimations. They learn exponential equations and how to graph linear equations. Geometry, measuring angles, identifying points and segments, scale drawing and how to find the area of triangles, circles and other shapes is taught. Students will also learn probability and data analysis.


ELearning Middle School Math

With all of the topics covered and the speed of learning increasing, it is easy to see how a student can get confused. Teachers may not always have the time to devote to individuals who are struggling. ELearning offers the help needed. Your student will take an assessment test and the trouble spots are determined. From there, the eLearning site designs a customized learning plan, unique to your student. They are given tutorials and worksheets. If needed, the best online math tutors are available. The great thing about these tutors is that they are available 24/7 and there is no need to schedule an appointment. Your child can get the help needed whenever they need it and the sessions are not kept to a specific time limit. Shared files and a virtual whiteboard allow them to always see the same thing and the tutor can verbally assist your child in a way that he or she best understands. Another great feature of online math classes is that if your child is having difficulty recalling a concept from an earlier grade, they can access that lesson plan outside of their customized one in order to refresh their memory.

If your child is struggling with the new concepts introduced in middle school mathematics, there is help. ELearning gives your child the extra help they need and allows them to work at their own pace, which will ultimately help them do well in school.