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One of the best aspects of the internet is its convenience. With one click of the mouse, you can take a class or order something without leaving the comfort of your home. This convenience extends to even being able to receive free services, like online math classes, without having to drive anywhere. Here are examples of some websites that offer free math classes for those of us a little rusty on the concepts.


Examples of Free Online Math Classes has 478 free elearning math courses for anyone needing to hone their skills. It’s known as the Open Education Database, and it offers math courses including an introduction to basic statistics, abstract algebra, and a course on the math portion of the ACT exam for high schoolers. It evens offers advanced courses, like Advanced Matrix Theory and Linear Algebra for engineers. is another website that specializes in free certified learning for students. They even offer a diploma once you complete their series of coursework, all for no cost. They offer basic algebra courses, but also more advanced concepts, as well as preparations for tests like the SAT and ACT. is another resource for those who would like some instruction in math for free. They specialize in math for high schoolers and those preparing for college, so if this sounds like you, this website will be very helpful. They offer coursework on pre-algebra, algebra 1, algebra 2, geometry, and preparation for the ACT and SAT. If you happen to be a student out of high school, or a younger age, than another website would be better for you.

All in all, these resources provide a remarkable service for those who would like instruction without the cost. Take advantage of them if you can, because such opportunities are rare.