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It can be scary and confusing to move to a new country, even more so if one does not know the host language. For those new to America and without English language skills, doing the simplest things requires an enormous amount of courage and is incredibly difficult. Luckily, the new immigrant can find local and online resources for learning the host language, which is their ultimate key to success.

It is harder for adults to learn a new language than it is children. For many immigrant children, they have the benefits of school, which usually offers ESL online classes in order to assist them in learning the language. It is much more difficult for adults, who do not have this opportunity. They must find ESL programs in their local area. It is common in immigrant families for children to pick up the language much faster and become a sort of translator for their parents, who are slower to pick up English.


Help for Adults in Learning English

Luckily, there is help for adults and children alike in the form of free English as a second language classes. Some are offered online and can even get the student a certification in English by its completion. Others are offered in physical locations throughout the local city or region. These classes are usually held in churches, local community colleges, and learning and career centers. These classes help students in everyday conversation and writing, and also can assist the learner in proper grammar.

Moving to a new place is a big step. Taking the reins and learning English is a big and important step as well, and very necessary in order to finally feel at home in your new country. If you are shaky in your English skills and feel that classes would be helpful, please consider going to free English as a second language classes.