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English can be strange and difficult, even for the native speaker. It has tricky homonyms, confusing grammar, and is not exactly a logical language. For the non-native, it can be doubly difficult to get a full grasp of English, especially if you are not exposed to it every day in an English-speaking country. The following will show the best English as a second language classes to explore in order to gain full knowledge of the language and its subtlety.


Examples of English As a Second Language Classes

For the non-native speaker, there are many websites available that can help you master the language. Some of the best online English classes available include those offered by, which conducts live classes at all hours of the day. A great aspect of these classes is their small size; the other students have the same native language as you as well the same skill level. The small class sizes allow all students to practice the language conversationally and continually during each lesson. is another great site that can help the non-native speaker learn English proficiently. This coursework focuses on 144 didactic units based on the ABA (American and British Academy) films, with 6 language levels in total. What is great about this site is that they have very entertaining videos to explain English concepts, as well as the opportunity to receive a certificate with each level you pass. is another site that has great features for distance learning. For one, classes begin every half hour—all the student needs is a headset and a computer and they can join the lesson. It allows the student to learn at their own pace; whether that is five minutes of study a day or an all-day immersion.

Hopefully this exploration of the best English as a second language classes available will help you gain fluency fast and with little difficulty.