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Elearning is the next frontier of teaching. The classroom no longer looks quite the same; instead of desks and a blackboard, there are iPads and computers. The last 10 years have seen a huge shift in the teaching field, requiring educators to adapt to new technologies and find novel ways of explaining the same concepts. Learning English, for example, may no longer involve having a physical book in your hand, but an iPad and interactive games that help you learn grammar and reading. Let’s take a closer look at the kinds of interactive elearning available for kids learning English in the modern day.


Elearning English on the Internet

Many of the eLearning opportunities for kids online make the past seem painfully dull. Several of the games available to teach them grammar and reading are brightly colored and involve storylines with likable characters. It is like cartoons on television, but better, because the student is interacting with these characters and involved with the story in a visceral way.

An example of one of these games comes from e-learningforkids, an excellent resource for parents, teachers, and children alike. The game is to learn parts of speech, and the student rides down “Noun Mountain” with Mister Mogul as he explains and identifies proper and common nouns. This is one of hundreds of similar games, directed toward children from kindergarten to 6th grade, and each of them is interesting and allows the student to be part of the action.

It’s not only interactive games that are available to teach English online. There are hundreds of videos, songs, and activities as well. For the parent, it is an inexhaustible resource for material that will entertain and teach their youngster the basics of reading and grammar. And this is only the beginning of English Elearning. In a decade, we will see even more material online, and the old world of desk and blackboard will be a distant memory.