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eLearning is a new method of education involving technologies that allow the student to complete a course outside of the traditional classroom. These technologies hinge on the internet and its ability to reach students, many miles from a physical school or university. eLearning can involve online games, videos, and things like Slype and virtual blackboards and is a wonderful method of learning and taking coursework that allows you to work around your own busy schedule.

It has become vitally important for people to stay up-to-speed on technologies so that they are best able to take advantage of learning opportunities that come their way online. So what does ELearning look like?

Examples of eLearning Technologies

It’s rather remarkable how far the internet and technology have come in such a short period. Now, students can all video chat with their teacher and use a digital whiteboard to correct each other’s work in real time and learn math online and other subjects. Much of what you see in learning takes the place of what happens in a real classroom—chat options, videos, and presentations can all be done digitally. Database technologies are employed to record and track grades and assessments. Flash can be used to create a very dynamic and exciting presentation, and even games can be used to help you learn the lesson in an interactive way.

eLearning is for Everyone

Is the eLearning method for you? Pretty soon, it will be the majority of the learning being done if current trends continue. So, it is important to be up-to-speed on this technology, because soon it will be unavoidable. eLearning could possibly be all we know in a few decades, so being aware of this technology is more important now than it’s ever been. It’s nothing to fear necessarily—if used correctly, it can make learning and education very convenient for a lot of people.