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Reading and writing allow us to share and receive information, for example, through letters, e-mails, newspapers and magazines. In this manner, we stay informed of what is happening with friends and family and even the rest of the world. In school, reading and writing is a common ground between students and teachers. There is a reference point for students when they may not understand what a teacher is saying or they are studying at home. Students take notes so they can remember important information after the lesson. Students write papers to demonstrate understanding.

The process of learning to read and write can be difficult for some. ELearning these skills affords them the extra time and practice they need. With eLearning, students can work at their own pace, without pressure to keep up with the rest of the class. Online English classes give an assessment that will identify weak spots and then design a customized learning plan. From there, video tutorials are offered for each lesson as well as practice worksheets. Students can click on incorrect answers and see where they went wrong. If they need further help, online English tutors are available 24/7. These tutors can offer further explanations in ways that the student understands.


There are many parts to eLearning English literacy.

Vocabulary and spelling allow students to recognize and understand words and learn their proper spelling. Students learn to identify the various parts of speech and how to use words correctly in a sentence. By listening to and following along with a variety of texts, students will improve their reading skills. Students will learn how to identify and use phrases, construct sentences and identify the necessary elements needed for different types of essays, thus improving their writing skills. The meaning of a sentence can change depending on the punctuation. Students will learn how to use all different types of punctuation to convey what they want to say in writing.

Reading and writing is an important skill that allows us to communicate with one another and gives us a common ground. Online English language classes allow students to continually practice, review and refine these skills without the worry of keeping up with everyone around them.