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When it comes to finding the right fit in an elearning website, it is important to look deeply into the workings of the organization in order to fully understand their mission and approach to students. Some are rather impersonal, while others focus more on the individual’s specific skill level and unique struggles. Each site offers something different and each organization has its own personality. The following seeks to look at Carnegie Learning Online versus FutureSchool. Hopefully this analysis will help you make the right decision for your child.


Online Classes at Carnegie versus Futureschool

Carnegie Learning Online is made up of online mathematicians and educators from Carnegie Mellon who sought to develop curricula that changed the way students learned math. The organization has done immense amounts of research on how students think and apply their knowledge in mathematics, which gives them special insight into how to develop alternative strategies for learning it. Unfortunately, they are laser focused on one subject and would not be able to help a student with reading or English-related issues, and may not have a personalized approach to your individual child.

FutureSchool’s advantages include a focus on both mathematics and English and a thorough assessment of your child’s specific skillset. This gives the educators a more personal knowledge of the student’s abilities and the means to build confidence by acknowledging skills your child already possesses. Their core philosophy is to build confidence, which truly is a key to building mastery over a subject and finding the motivation and optimism to continue their online learning.

Each of these organizations has built specialties and could assist your child in fully mastering the subject that gives them trouble. Consider your child’s method of learning in order to decide which kind of elearning platform would work best for them.