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At FutureSchool, we offer online math and English courses to help your child reach true academic potential. Our online educational system is affordable, accessible, and an effective learning tool to stimulate the minds of children and ensure success. No matter what your child’s ability level, we have online education programs and content to cater to everyone.


Learn Mathematics

From counting to calculus, our online math courses have something for a child of every age. At FutureSchool, we offer a curriculum that covers beginner mathematics through advanced algebra, trigonometry, calculus, and more. Your child will receive a personalized online math curriculum to fit his or her current ability and needs. Each course includes lessons, feedback, reassurance, and support, along with reports on performance and progress. Each course is aligned to your local curriculum to help enhance teaching and material already being learned.


How It Works

We have found through experience that children learn best following a very specific lesson plan. Our online math program begins with an initial assessment of your child. This is done so that the curriculum is created to suit your child individually. All students will then receive practice worksheets, video tutorials, reports, and Ask a Tutor assistance to ensure they perform to the best of their ability. At FutureSchool, we want to ensure that the foundation blocks of learning are cemented into place for future success.


Our Mission

At FutureSchool, it is our mission to develop and deliver high-quality online educational content while helping children improve confidence and classroom performance. Our mathematics program is convenient, cost-effective, and will give your child the confidence he or she needs to succeed at every level in the classroom. At FutureSchool, we can help your child perform well and enjoy school like never before.