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How to Multiply a 2 Digit Number by Any Other 2 Digit Number

Let’s try another example of a two-digit multiplication. Karen does her training in a 33 meter pool. She wants to know how far she has swum when she does 62 laps. Once again, we can say 33 times 62 is the same as 62 times 33. To multiply 62 by 33, we need to use long multiplication. This means there will be more than one line of working. Our next step is to multiply the top row by the number in the bottom units column. Here it is – three. 3 times 2 gives 6, 3 times 6 gives 18. Now we have to multiply the top line by whatever number is in the bottom tens column. This time, it is another three. Before we multiply by 3, we need to remember that this 3 stands for 3 lots of 10, or 30, and so we must place a zero in the units position as a placeholder. Make sure you place it in the second line of working, immediately underneath the number 6. Now, let’s finish multiplying the top line. 3 times 2 gives 6, 3 times 6 gives 18. Now what do you do to get the final answer? Did you say, “Add the two working lines together?” If you did, you’re right. Let’s do it. 0 plus 6 gives 6. 6 plus 8 gives 14. Write down the 4, and carry the 1. 8 plus 1 gives 9, plus the 1 we carried gives 10. Write down the 0, and carry the 1. 1 plus the 1 we carried gives 2. The answer of 2,046 tells us how far Karen swam, so we need to mention the units of length she was swimming. Here, it was meters. So we can say that Karen swam 2,046 meters when she swam 62 laps of the pool.

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