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How to Count to 99,999 Using Place Value

We always read a number from left to right because the numerals on the left are the bigger in value. So this number would be, reading from the left, seventeen-thousand four-hundred and sixty-three. You see? I didn’t use any new words to read that number. You already know how to write the words ‘a thousand’ and all the numbers from one to one to one hundred. Let’s put that number on our place value chart now. Reading the numbers from the left-hand side, we have one unit of ten-thousand and seven units of thousand. Ten plus seven is the same as seventeen. So there are seventeen units of a thousand in this number. Let’s look at the rest of the number. Four units of hundred, six units of ten and three units of one. That’s seventeen-thousand four-hundred and sixty-three. In a value sentence, the number would look like this, seventeen-thousand plus four-hundred plus sixty plus three . Looking at the value sentence also tells us which numeral has the greatest value in this number, the one. It represents one unit of ten-thousand and that is much bigger than seven units of of thousand or four units of hundred or six units of ten or three units of one. We can write that number in words, like this. You just need to write the word the same way as you would say it, seventeen-thousand four-hundred and sixty-three.

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