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How to Determine the Range of Data

This graph shows the average rainfall in millimeters registered at Tully each month. Notice January through to April all have falls of over 500 millimeters. That’s a lot of rain and it’s easy to see why Tully is one of Queensland’s wettest towns. These are the raw scores from the graph and can be used to learn what we call the range. The range of the data is the difference between the largest and the smallest values. In other words, if the difference between the scores of the month with the highest average rain fall and the month with the lowest average rain fall. From our list of scores we can see that the highest average monthly rainfall was 715 millimeters and the lowest recorded average was 100 millimeters so the range is calculated using 715 minus 100 which equals 615. Therefore put simply, the formula or rule for finding the range is highest score minus lowest score.

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