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Exams – How to Help Your Child Prepare

Exam time can be nerve-wracking for kids, so as a parent you might be wondering how you can help your child prepare so that he or she is less stressed. Depending on the age of your child, suitable approaches vary, such as online tutoring.

Young children often benefit tremendously by assistance in the form of quizzes from parents, while older kids are often helped a great deal when an adult simply steps in and offers nourishing study-time meals.

There are some general suggestions for helping kids prepare for exams that you can refer to if you’re not sure where to begin. Keep the following recommendations in mind, and fine-tune them to determine what seems best for your child at his or her age:


Offer Emotional Support

No matter your child’s age, being there emotionally for him or her is a great way to help. Let your son or daughter know that you understand the challenge of test taking, offer encouragement, and stay attentive should he or she display signs of stress. You can then respond appropriately.


Talk About the Exams

Stay open to having conversations with your child about upcoming exams. Ask whether he or she feels prepared, inquire about what might be most valuable in terms of studying, and be an ear in case your child wants to vent about something or confirm their confidence verbally.


Be a Cheerleader

You can be a cheerleader for your child as he or she readies for exams in a way that’s as expressive or subdued as needed. Let your youngster know that you’re always in support of him or her, and take cues from the child to determine whether occasional positive comments might be appreciated during study time.


Encourage Relaxation

Studying for exams should be a good experience, as it gives your child time to make sure concepts are memorized and understood. Yet, it can be stressful if the child feels a lack of knowledge, or if he or she is a perfectionist. Remind your little one that online exam prep time is a gift and a valuable process, but it should be an experience that is beneficial and not painful. You can also help out by keeping a positive demeanor yourself through the preparation process.


Remind Your Child About Self-Worth

Taking exams is important because it shows an instructor and a student what concepts are learned and which might need to be studied further. As your child studies for exams, remind him or her that they are important and valuable no matter what the test results show. Encourage your child to embrace self-importance and self-worth by doing the best he or she can, and by knowing that the exam results will be a valuable tool to measure what educational steps should be taken in the future.


In addition to these tips for helping your child prepare for exams, you can offer to sit down with your child and work through material, give pretend tests, make an energizing meal, or show relaxing mind and breathing techniques. These tips can work well as your child prepares for regular exams during a school year and for final examinations.

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