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Learning another language can be very difficult and involves a lot of dedication, as well as getting some hard knocks. Trying to communicate in another language to a fluent speaker can be very deflating to a person’s confidence, while attempting to understand what is being said can be confusing. That is why this area of education is so important to get correct, because it is very easy for a student to get discouraged. The following will look at FutureSchool and Voa Learning English and their relative success or failure at the attempt.


Which Elearning site Works Best?

Both Voa Learning English and FutureSchool have their benefits. Voa Learning English, for example, is structured in a newspaper-style format, with different reading levels based on ability. It has a section on the Constitution, which can be a helpful resource for those looking to become an American citizen. Unfortunately, in addition to a video section, this seems to be the extent of the website. There is no personalized plan for the emerging English speaker, and it can be imagined that this site would be somewhat intimidating for the novice.

FutureSchool’s Discovering English classes is more personalized for each student, and the program is backed by years of research on the language learning process. Its focus is on building and instilling confidence—a necessary quality for learning a language that cannot be overstated. The program focuses on meeting the student where they are, depending on their current level of mastery, and developing listening, reading, and writing skills as well as many other abilities.

For a personalized program that helps develop more refined English skills, FutureSchool is the best choice. Students are central to their mission, and they have found that building the students’ esteem of their abilities are one of the most important elements of the online learning process.