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In 2002, the country of Tanzania got rid of mandatory school fees in primary school in an attempt to make it more accessible, although students do still need to purchase their own supplies. Primary school consists of seven years. The curriculum is developed by the Tanzania Institute of Education. This institute also develops handbooks and lab materials as well as class syllabi. At the end of primary school, students are administered the National Standard Four, but passing is not a requirement to move on. Secondary school consists of four years at the ordinary level, after which students take the Certificate of Secondary Education Exams in order to move on to two years of advanced secondary school. Government secondary schools still charge tuition and fees, and teach both core and elective courses.

Providing Extra Learning Opportunities

With the abolition of primary school fees, enrollment has increased significantly. Because of this, class sizes have grown substantially, meaning a much higher student to teacher ratio. It also has led to a textbook shortage, and oftentimes there is only one textbook for every five students. This could make learning a bit challenging. But FutureSchool can help. Our online classes can provide teachers with extra materials that follow the school curriculum to help students learn. Students can also access our eLearning classes in math and English to review lessons very similar to what they are currently learning in school.

Students deserve every chance to succeed. With thirty days of free online classes, we can show both teachers and students that, regardless of class size and other obstacles, academic success is within reach.


  • Primary Standard I Mathematics
  • Primary Standard II Mathematics
  • Primary Standard III Mathematics
  • Primary Standard IV Mathematics
  • Primary Standard V Mathematics
  • Primary Standard VI Mathematics
  • Primary Standard VII Mathematics
  • Secondary Form I Mathematics
  • Secondary Form II Mathematics
  • Secondary Form III Mathematics
  • Secondary Form IV Mathematics


  • Standard 3 Literacy
  • Standard 4 Literacy
  • Standard 5 Literacy
  • Standard 6 Literacy
  • Standard 7 Literacy
  • Form 1 Literacy
  • Form 2 Literacy
  • Form 3 Literacy
  • Form 4 Literacy

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"Why I love FutureSchool!"

"Before we started on the program, there were many times in the class that I didn’t know the answer. I never wanted to be picked by the teacher to answer a question either because I was simply afraid of being embarrassed in front of the other kids, so I would always be looking down when the teacher asked a question. Now it is different! I want to be picked because I do know the answer. I don’t show off or anything, but when the teacher does ask a question I now put my hand up and I can now look her straight in the eye and it makes me feel great! I am 15 years of age and it gives me fantastic confidence to want to do better all the time. Thank you FutureSchool and I would appreciate you doing something in Science, too."

Catherine Thomas – Westmead, Happy Mum