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There are many tutoring websites out there–so many that it is hard to decide right away, which option is the most appropriate for your child’s unique situation. Your child may be having a small, short term difficulty with a subject or experiencing confusion with a fundamental aspect of a line of study. These situations require different levels of assistance, and it is important to find the correct solutions. Each tutoring website offers something different, and some may be a better fit than others. Let’s explore FutureSchool versus Tutorvista.


The Differences between Tutorvista and Futureschool

Tutorvista offers the opportunity to chat live with tutors at any time of the day and night. They use an interactive whiteboard during sessions, each of which can be replayed at any time should the need arise. You will be connected with a online tutor once you inform the website which subject is a difficulty. While they can help with several subjects, tutorvista is less personalized for each individual student. Their elearning strategy is to serve as many students as possible; but how well?

FutureSchool focuses on math and online english classes. The unique aspect of this elearning website is that they conduct an assessment of each potential student to see where they are regarding grade level and skill. In their own words, “one size does NOT fit all”, and their online classes and assessments focus on understanding individual abilities. Confidence is key for futureschool, and they seek to instill this quality in each of their students. While the subjects they specialize in are not as exhaustive as tutorvista’s, they seem to do a better job at their specialties.

Which one should you pick? It seems that tutorvista has served many students, but it is hard to say whether their attentions are particularly focused on the student as a unique individual. FutureSchool makes the individual a priority and values what each student brings to the table.