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There are many benefits to both iLearning and elearning, depending on the kind of education you are seeking and what you are looking to gain. It would be helpful first to define each. iLearning allows for a flexible learning experience, with several learning and teaching technologies employed and the ability to be educated at your own pace. These technologies can include programs like Blackboard, used widely in online education. elearning is learning through online media and requires self-motivation and dedication. It can include online interactive material like videos, games, and classes. Which form of learning would be best for you? The following will explain the drawbacks and benefits of both.


Benefits and Drawbacks of iLearning and elearning

iLearning is an immersive experience, usually involving enrollment in an online schooling or tutoring website. It incorporates several technologies like digital whiteboards, videos, and communication programs. Many times you have to pay to be involved and have an expert teacher or tutor to help guide you through the course. It is more structured than the elearning experience, with set and scheduled assignments and examinations. This mode of learning is the right fit if you need guidance in understanding a subject or concept and is ideal for someone who is a relative novice to the subject matter involved.

Elearning requires more personal motivation and is not guided by an intermediary. You could surf the net and watch videos, play interactive learning games, and visit various sites to get the information you need. This could be helpful for someone who has a casual interest in something, but it is not necessarily recommended for the student who would like to develop mastery and complete understanding.

Depending on the student, each modality could prove helpful and assist in developing a skillset. One or the other could be more appropriate for you, depending on your needs.