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Tutoring can be expensive. You may have great difficulty with the subject and need a tutor, but many charge upwards of $25 dollars an hour which can be beyond people’s reach. Thankfully, with the internet, you’re in luck. Free online English tutoring is available to any who seek it. The only thing you need to be aware of are the websites that offer such a service and how to begin. That is what we are here for. The following will give you examples of which websites to use and what to expect when looking for tutoring in English.


The Websites to Look For is one of the highest rated websites for online tutoring and has one of the most thorough explanations of difficult subjects out there. Lessons oftentimes begin with warm up questions and end with a quiz testing your knowledge. There is little on this website for English grammar, but they do offer help with other aspects of English.

Another website that is incredibly helpful for understanding literature is an old favorite, What people don’t realize is that beyond literature guides, Cliff’s Notes also has information about the sciences and a few foreign languages. It is not as thorough as Hippocampus, but offers some refresher information for those looking to remember the concepts. is another website that can be helpful for kids aged 9 to 14, having sections on math, the sciences and English. This website has a section on grammar unlike hippocampus, so this can be your go-to site for this in particular.

One of the best sites, however, is, offering information on writing, grammar, ESL online coursework, and avoiding composition pitfalls. It is not as thorough as could be hoped, but still offers a relatively large amount of information for those in seventh grade and up.

These websites are a good beginning to finding the perfect online English tutoring website for you.