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Feeling rusty on the rules of grammar? Is English a second language for you, or are you looking for a refresher course on writing and sentence structure? Luckily for you, there are many websites on the internet that offer these kinds of services, all for free. While it is possible for you to pay for a one-on-one tutor, this can get expensive, with many of these services charging as much or more than $35 per hour. Sometimes it is unnecessary to pay for such a service when there are many free online English classes out there that can do the job almost as well. Here are some websites that offer such classes—websites that can help you sharpen up on skills that may have gone soft.


Examples of Free Online English Courses

There are hundreds of websites that offer free online courses. So where do you look first? A good website from which to start is They offer free English lessons on vocabulary, word tenses, and aspects of the language that are difficult, like gerunds versus infinitives. They also have online ESL classes for students. While the offerings of this website are rather limited, it’s a good start on refreshing your skills. is another helpful website that can get you on the road to becoming more adept at English. It offers lessons on many different aspects of the English language, including homonyms, punctuation and interrogatives. has free online English classes as well. They have explanations on a variety of grammar-related subjects, plus advice on how to structure English compositions.

Hopefully any one of these websites will put you on your way toward a more sophisticated understanding of the English language. It only takes a few clicks to find yourself more fully conversant with the many rules that govern English.