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Architects, draftsmen, engineers in every field, pilots, game developers, and even chemists use trigonometry. Trigonometry is a field of mathematics that plays an important role in a wide range of different careers. Trigonometry is, simply put, the study of triangles and the lengths and angles of their sides.

As one of the most important fields of mathematics, particularly for careers that are built around calculating angles, a working knowledge of trigonometry and its uses is important for students of all ages.

Our online learning programmes make learning trigonometry easier for students of all ages. With consistent study, students can master all aspects of trigonometry and improve their mathematical skills.

What is trigonometry?

Trigonometry is the study of triangles – more specifically, the study of the angles and dimensions of triangles. Although this might sound simple, trigonometry is a vital part of modern engineering, design, architecture and other fields.

Using trigonometry skills, students can work out the precise angle of a triangle’s sides, the distance between different points on a triangle and other information that’s important in a wide variety of settings.

Trigonometry skills play an important role in a wide variety of careers, including architecture and engineering. Because of this, it’s important for students that are interested in the scientific or engineering fields to understand trigonometry.

What to consider when choosing an online trigonometry course

The study of trigonometry involves learning how trigonometric functions – such as the sine or cosine of an angle, for example – can be used to work out the angles and dimensions of a particular shape.

Effective trigonometry courses should focus on teaching students about the most important trigonometric functions. They should also put these functions to use in practical exercises to help students develop their skills.

With FutureSchool, students can learn the important trigonometric functions in a series of lessons updated to meet the most recent amendments to the 2014 National Curriculum.

What are the advantages of learning trigonometry online

Trigonometry is a complex subject that can take some time for students to learn. As the functions involved in trigonometry are quite different from the problem-solving techniques used in other learning, many students need practice to make progress.

Learning trigonometry online allows students to improve their mathematical skills in an environment that allows for focus, practice and repetition. This makes it easier for students to overcome difficulties and gain a full knowledge of trigonometry.

What are the challenges of learning trigonometry online?

Ensuring a sound knowledge of Geometry and Algebra are essential as these form the foundation knowledge of learning trigonometry. As with any other branch of mathematics, trigonometry requires practice using a range of trigonometric functions. To master trigonometry, students should know how the various trigonometric functions work and how they can be used.

This requires focus and practice, making it important that students are involved in their trigonometry study. Our learning programmes can be used alongside another course as a supplement or as part of classroom trigonometry lessons.

What should you know?

As one of the most important branches of mathematics, trigonometry is something that every student should focus on. Great trigonometry skills allow students to work out complex angles and dimensions in relatively little time.

Widely used in architecture, engineering and many sciences, trigonometry is one of the most valuable branches of mathematics. Our online learning programme makes mastering this important skill even easier for students.

Learn maths online with FutureSchool.