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Number Theory

Often referred to as ‘higher arithmetic’, number theory is a branch of mathematics that focuses on the study of integers. Number theory involves studying the unique features and different relationships between whole numbers.

An example of the type of relationship studied in number theory could be the square numbers, such as four or nine, which are the products of multiplying whole numbers two and three, by themselves.

Number theory can also involve far more complex study into integers, such as study that involves using algebra and other branches of mathematics to study differences between numbers and interesting mathematical relationships.

What is number theory?

For a long time, number theory was referred to simply as “arithmetic”. Today, the study of number theory involves analysing the relationships between the integers, which are whole numbers.

For example, a common aspect of number theory is the study of prime numbers – numbers that have no positive divisors aside from one and the exact integer. One other aspect of number theory is the study of rational numbers and real numbers.

Like many other branches of mathematics, the study of number theory can range from simple problems or questions regarding the relationship between numbers to a range of challenging mathematical problems.

What to consider when choosing an online number theory course

Number theory is an interesting branch of mathematics that, like many of the other advanced branches of maths, requires a well-rounded knowledge of topics such as algebra and arithmetic.

Students interested in learning number theory online should use an online course that begins with simple number theory study before moving on to more advanced problems and challenging topics.

Some of the best places to start the study of number theory are the main differences between even and odd numbers, one of which can be divided evenly and the other of which cannot, and the properties of prime numbers.

What are the advantages of learning number theory online?

There are several advantages to learning number theory online. One of the biggest benefits of learning online is that students can spend as much as required on each exercise or problem, ensuring they gain a full understanding of number theory.

Learning online also allows students to use interactive challenges and puzzles to improve their number theory knowledge and mathematical skills. This is a major advantage of online learning that often isn’t available in the classroom.

What are the challenges of learning number theory online?

Number theory ranges from simple analysis of even and odd numbers to detailed, in-depth analysis of prime numbers and their properties. This makes it important for students to gradually progress from one aspect of number theory to the next.

Like other branches of mathematics, learning number theory requires students to focus while working through problems and exercises. This means that their online learning material needs to be engaging, results-focused and challenging.

What should you know?

As one of the most important branches of mathematics, number theory is something that every student with a serious interest in maths should study. Learning online is a great way to master the basics and advanced aspects of number theory.

From understanding the relationship between different numbers to learning about the unique properties of prime or rational numbers, number theory gives students a detailed understanding of how numbers work.

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