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One of several essential mathematical skills for a career in design, architecture or engineering, geometry is the mathematical study of shapes and the properties that make up shapes.

Geometry is one of the most important branches of mathematics, playing a major role in other mathematical fields such as topology – the study of various different spaces – and trigonometry.

Understanding geometry gives students a far deeper understanding of numerous branches of mathematics, as well as the skills required to solve geometric maths problems in a variety of different settings.

What is geometry?

In simple terms, geometry is the study of shapes. More specifically, geometry is a branch of mathematics that deals with space, the shapes that inhabit space, and a range of properties that apply to these shapes.

Some of the topics covered in geometry include lines and angles, particularly the angles between intersecting lines and shapes, and elements of shapes such as the transformations of a specific space.

Geometry also includes topics such as trigonometry – the study of triangles and their properties. Using geometry skills, students can calculate the a shape’s area, volume or other properties in order to solve mathematical problems.

What to consider when choosing an online geometry course

Geometry is an essential branch of mathematics, which makes it important for any student to have a detailed, well-rounded knowledge of trigonometry that covers a variety of topics.

Good online geometry courses should cover essential trigonometry skills such as calculating the area, volume and perimeter of shapes and other major braches of geometry such as trigonometry.

Since geometry covers a broad range of mathematical topics, it’s important for online learning programmes to be focused and engaging in order to keep students interested and capable of making predictable progress.

What are the advantages of learning geometry online?

Since geometry plays such an important role in several branches of mathematics, as well as in a wide variety of careers, being able to learn online and revise material on a student’s own schedule is a major advantage.

Unlike the traditional classroom environment, where students may find themselves behind the pack and unable to answer questions after falling behind, learning online lets students progress at their own speed and gain a full understanding of geometry.

What are the challenges of learning geometry online?

Geometry is a diverse field of mathematics that can take some time for students to understand. Because of this, learning materials need to present geometry in a way that’s easy for students to revise and learn practical skills from.

Whether used alongside classroom learning or as independent learning tools, our online geometry courses are designed to give students a full understanding of the fundamentals of geometry and help put these skills to use on real maths problems.

What should you know?

Geometry skills are essential for a student to make progress in other branches of mathematics, such as trigonometry and topology. This makes it important for all students to have an understanding of the basic principles of trigonometry.

From architecture to engineering, trigonometry is widely used in several common careers. Gaining an understanding of trigonometry opens a wide range of doors in the field of mathematics for students interested in continuing their study.